Management System

Management System Rules

Our Company SQMS provides complete process support and auditing support.These certification are granted by various certification bodies are granted to clients from various sectors, whose documented Management Systems conforms to their relevant standards on a continuous and consistent basis. Services of SQMS under this scheme are available to all types of applicants irrespective of size of client, its affiliation, financial status, geographical location, product/service provided etc. Further the scheme is being administered in a non-discriminatory manner.


Initial Assessment/Audit for Certification

Our Company after discussion with certification agency , agreement and acceptance of terms by both parties and subsequently payment of token advance amount, certification body will make the necessary arrangements with the applicant for further action.Upon request, certification body will perform a Pre-assessment, if required for the purpose of determining a preliminary status of the Organization’s compliance with relevant standards and readiness for the initial assessment/audit.The entire audit process , 1st stage and if 2nd stage certification audit . We are also supporting re certification process and will be conducted by the authorized auditors appointed by the certification bodies.which will issue relevant ISO certification . SQMS shall nominate an audit team to evaluate all information collected from the applicant and to conduct the audit on its behalf. Experts in the areas to be audited, may be attached to the team as technical experts/advisors and language translators. Arrangements will be coordinated with the auditee for a mutually acceptable schedule. Prior to audit, the auditee must submit evidence, that a complete internal audit and management review of the management system has been conducted.The auditee shall be intimated about the details of the audit team members and technical experts, if applicable.SQMS shall perform an On-site review of the auditee’s documented Policy, Manual & Procedures for compliance to applicable standards (Stage I). The auditee shall resolve any deviations arising during this review and obtain concurrence from SQMS prior to commencement of the Certification assessment (Stage II). The audit team shall audit the Management System of the auditee covered by the defined scope of Certification against applicable Certification requirements and provide a formal written report of its findings as to the auditee’s conformity to the Certification requirements. The audit team shall also verify the effectiveness of Internal Audit and Management Review. The auditee is invited to comment on the report and to inform the spec SQMS shall inform the auditee of the need for full or partial re-audit if required. All identified non conformance shall be corrected prior to the grant of Certification. Sufficient data on an auditee’s compliance with relevant standard(s), gathered during the Certification and surveillance audits, is necessary to determine, whether the auditee’s system conforms to the standard(s). In the event that certain specific data or other information related to compliance are not made available to SQMS for review because of an assertion of legal privilege or their proprietary nature, certification shall not be granted, for the scope/area where such a data is important. SQMS shall obtain confirmation by objective evidence that the full system requirements relating to compliance, covering the applicable section of the standard, have been effectively implemented by sufficiently documented and verifiable means.


The decision whether or not to certify an auditee’s Management System shall be taken by certification body on the basis of the information gathered as part of the Certification activities. Those who make the Certification decision shall not have participated in the audit. The auditee shall be notified of the Certification decision in writing. certification body shall provide to each of its clients whose Management System has been certified, a certificate, signed by an authority who has been assigned such responsibility. Certificates are valid for three years from the date of issuance. Upon receipt of the Certificate by the client, the Organization is authorized to use the SQMS’s and the accreditation body marks, logos, and symbols, in accordance with Quality procedure for use of certification / Accreditation Body Marks, Logo and Symbols. Certification body shall process any application for amendment/extension to the scope of a Certification that has already been granted according to prescribed procedures. The Outstanding fees associated with the certification actually borne by the client to certification bodies . The amount and manner of payment shall be informed to prospective client through Registration Service Agreement. The certification shall be processed according to Certification Agreement.Any outstanding fees associated with the Certification activity owed by the client to SQMS must be paid in full prior to Certificate issuance.

Continuance of Certification

Our Company shall conduct surveillance audit of the client’s Management System within twelve months from the date of previous audit and shall ensure that over a period of three years the entire Management System is audited against every applicable element of the relevant standard. A re-assessment of compliance to Certification requirements is required to continue Certification for additional three-year period. Surveillance and/or audit frequencies will be modified as necessary if a certified client makes major modification to its Management System or other changes, which could affect the basis for Certification. The client shall notify certification body in writing of these modifications/changes (i.e., change of ownership, changes in key personnel or equipment, plant relocation, modification/elimination of procedures/processes, modification to scope etc) for evaluation or if analysis of a complaint or any other information indicates that the certified client no longer complies with the requirements of certification body. Surveillance and re-audit procedures shall be consistent with those concerning initial Certification of the client’s Management System. In such cases if found necessary by certification body, it shall suggest to conduct re-audit at clients site. Review and decisions on the continuance or renewal of Certification are made in accordance with certification body Procedures.

Suspension and Withdrawal of Certification

All suspensions will be decided as per the policy of certification body. Notification to the client shall be in writing including the conditions necessary under which the suspension/probation will be removed. Examples that may prompt suspension are: Non-Payment in accordance with the requirements of the agreement; Significant areas of non-conformance with applicable Management Standards; Ineffective or untimely correction of observed non-conformance; Ineffective completion and implementation of program revisions required to meet revised Management Standards;

Complaints / Appeals

An Organization who is aggrieved in any way as a result of this agreement or by other actions of certification body as they relate to the Certification process may file a written complaint. This must be received by SQMS within 30 days of occurrence. If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, the Organization may appeal the decision to certification body, within 30 days of the original disposition. Complaints that are not closed out within 3 months of that agreed timeframe shall be brought to the attention of GAB.

Auditee’s Responsibilities

Organizations are required to fulfill the following additional responsibilities: Always comply with the relevant provisions of the certification process and procedures; Make the necessary arrangements for the conduct of the assessment, including provision for examining documentation and the access to all areas, records (including internal audit reports) and personnel for the purposes of assessment, surveillance, reassessment and resolution of complaints; Only claim that it is certified with respect to those activities for which it has been granted Certification;

Client Responsibility

Does not use its certification in such a manner as to bring certification body into disrepute, and does not make any statement regarding its certification which SQMS may consider misleading or unauthorized; Upon suspension or withdrawal of its certification discontinue the use of all advertising material / stationery that contains any reference thereto and return any certificate documents as required by certification body; Use its certification only to indicate the Management System is in conformity with specified standards or other normative documents, and does not use its certification to imply that a product or service is approved by certification body; Ensure that no certification document, mark or report, or any part thereof, is used in a misleading manner; Complies with the requirements of certification body in making reference to its certification in communication media such as documents, brochures or advertising.